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Google leveled the playing field considerably with the release of the Panda, Penguin and lately its Hummingbird algorithm updates. Gone are the days where webmasters could slap mediocre content on a site and hope for the best. Nowadays Google places special emphasis on one thing only and that’s quality content.

This is where Guestblogpostingservices comes in. We offer a holistic guest posting blog service that covers a myriad of topics such as the automotive industry, business, education, health, insurance, online gambling and technology. Whatever your niche might be we got it covered.

What Exactly is Niche Guest Posting?

It entails writing guest posts that covers a specific niche based on your keyword. Not only is it a great way of giving your website more exposure but obtaining valuable backlinks in return.

How does Google see niche guest posting?

For starters it increases your website’s visibility in the search engines. More visibility means more sales which translates into higher revenue. It also allows you to interact with other people in your niche by creating additional brand awareness.

If it is done properly, guest posting helps you to attain targeted traffic from readers who are interested in what you have to say. When you have links on quality websites it improves your website’s page rank helping it to reach the top of the search engines.

Advantages of Niche Guest Posting

Niche guest posting has proved to be a safe marketing method against Google’s latest algorithm updates. When Google rolled out its first Panda update in 2012 it decimated many ‘pop and mom websites’. Basically niche guest posting is one of the last resorts where the small guy can still compete with the big guy. Buying links or submitting your website to directories are completely out of the question since Google considers it as spam.

Niche guest posting is relatively cheap and easy to use. If you approach a search engine optimization ”expert” it will cost you thousands of dollars with virtually no guarantee that your site will rank.

We don’t offer any quick fix solution and don’t expect miracles over night. That being said, you will start seeing some encouraging results after three or four months. Always remember Rome was not built in one day.

Our Service To You

Google is fast becoming one of our main traffic sources. We also chase up webmasters if they haven’t posted a blog article saving you time and hassles.

  • Link back to quality sites: We make sure that the guest blog articles we write only links back to quality sites in your niche. If you link to poor quality sites it will tarnish your reputation as an online writer and hurt your website’s ranking in the SERPS.
  • Research: Our motto is simple: ”Content is Key”. To get your guest post accepted, our article writers do extensive research first to ensure that it is related to your website’s goal. Our writers have the ability to write in depth articles on just about any topic. In turn it helps to create loads of links, and to get new subscribers to your blog’s RSS and email subscriptions.